Things that are new

We have started the week with a few changes, as you may already have noticed if you had sessions today.

We have started the week with a few changes, as you may already have noticed if you had sessions today.

Our New Location in Elsternwick

Firstly, we are excited about moving to our new St Kilda area location, just a short distance away in Elsternwick. You can read the full update about that here.

Secondly we have changed Practice Management solutions from Halaxy to Splose.

Splose is a great platform made right here in Australia so we are proud to support a local business and while there shouldn’t be much impact to you there are a few differences.

Medicare Rebates

You need to ensure your bank account is updated with Medicare. As Splose use a Medicare Payment provider called Medipass to process rebates, and Medipass use whatever bank account is set up with Medicare.

Here are the different ways you can register or update your bank information with Medicare:

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please let us know by chatting to us via the chat bubble located on the bottom right of this window. 

Your Payment Details

For those who had automatic payment set up, since we changed systems we no longer have your payment details saved. Remember how you hear “Your card details are kept securely?” That’s very true, we can’t see these details so we couldn’t move them to the new system for you. You’ll need to save these again when paying for your next session.

New Online Bookings Page

Everything should still work pretty much the same here, with a nice fresh new look you can still conveniently make bookings online.

You’ll notice a few new options here.

Our two physical locations for face to face are Hawthorn East and St Kilda / Elsternwick.

For Telehealth, you can choose My Counselling Clinic – Telehealth or select Telehealth Evenings to enjoy our new after 5pm services.

Telehealth Video appointments have changed to Zoom.

For those of you who like to make use of our Telehealth services from the comfort of your own home you’ll notice the invitations now come from Zoom. There is no software download required, as usual just click the link when you are ready for your session.

That’s all for now. Let us know if you have any questions.